Q. Why should I choose Curbside Mobile Detailing?
A. Curbside Mobile Detailing has become the most trusted auto detailer in Central Ohio. Curbside Mobile Detailing is Ohio's only Certified Master Detailer. Most auto detailers rely on quantity, getting as many vehicles in and out the door as quickly as possible to make an extra dollar.
Curbside Mobile Detailing has become a leader based on Quality, and Customer Satisfaction. Your vehicle and your trust are most important to us. We come right to your location and perform a professional auto detail right in front of you. This gives you the opportunity to watch us do our magic and you also have the ability to ask questions along the way.

Curbside Mobile Detailing is a family owned and operated business with over 20 years of experience in automotive reconditioning and preservation. We are fully insured and licensed by the State of Ohio and Certified by The International Detailers Association  "Master Detailer Certification" Program featuring Meguiar's Professional Products in Irvine, California.

And best of all, we are 100% eco-friendly, and use only products Made in the USA.

Q. How often should I have my car detailed?
A. We suggest a full auto detail once every three months and a wash and vacuum once per month. This will keep your vehicle clean and protected from the weather throughout the year.

Q. My friend cleans cars on the side and can do it cheaper, why not use him?
A. This is a great question, however, you should ask, is he a professional? Is he licensed and insured? Does he have the right tools, knowledge and products to do the job right? Chances are the answer is no.

Auto Detailing is our full time job and our passion. With our years of experience, we have encountered and tackled just about every situation in the detailing business. We have the tools, knowledge and products to get your vehicle back to showroom condition. In a world of amateurs, Curbside is your professional.

Q. Is it ok to take my car to a drive thru car wash?
A. Absolutely, and we suggest it in order to keep your vehicle in good shape as long as you stay away from "soft touch" or car washes with rotating brushes, towels or mops. We frequently research drive thru carwashes so that we can suggest to our customers on the go, which one we feel is the best. Most of the time however, we are disappointed with the outcome. In our research, we have encountered damage to the paint, broken wipers, damaged accessories, soap residue, spotting, and areas left unclean even with the highest priced wash.

If a quick wash is all you need, we offer a low cost Express Package. Your vehicle will be hand washed, towel dried and we'll even throw in an interior vacuum. This package only takes a few minutes and will leave your vehicle with a spot free shine.

Q. Should I have my brand new car detailed?
A. Car dealerships rarely wax new cars, and we've never heard of one that specially treats and protects leather interior. Performing both of these procedures is important in steering your new vehicle in the right direction. That is why Curbside Mobile Detailing is the very first stop for many of our customer's new vehicles. Many of our customers opt for the CQuartz UK Paint Coating application to their new vehicle. This will give your paint a durable sacrificial barrier of protection from the start.

Q. My car is leased, should I have it detailed?
A. Definitely, the better your car's appearance and condition, the better trade value you will get on your car, and the less they will charge you for reconditioning the car.

Q. How long does a detail take?
A. Depending on the package you choose, a full detail can take from 2 to 5 hours. Quality is the key, and we don't leave until your vehicle meets our strict quality standards and your expectations.

Q. What can I expect after I make my appointment?
A. The day of your appointment, you will receive a confirmation phone call to the number you provided about a half hour before your appointment. Once the technician arrives he will walk with you around your vehicle, inspecting and documenting to determine what is needed to make your vehicle look like new. Once this is complete the technician will take your keys and proceed with the detail you have ordered. The technician will label and bag up any remaining personal items left in your vehicle and leave them in the trunk or rear cargo area of your vehicle. Once the detail is complete the technician will once again walk with you around the vehicle, explaining what steps were taken in the detailing process to make your vehicle look like new.

Q. What area do we cover?
A. We cover the Central Ohio area. Columbus Ohio, Dublin Ohio, Powell Ohio, Upper Arlington Ohio, Marysville Ohio, Lewis Center Ohio, Delaware Ohio, New Albany Ohio, Hilliard Ohio and surrounding areas.

Q. Can you come to my office?
A. Yes, we frequently come to offices and work places to detail cars and trucks. All we need is room to work around the vehicle. We bring everything we need including water and electric. We do suggest that you inquire with the property owner if it is ok for you to receive a licensed auto detail service on their property.

Q. Are there additional charges for pet hair?
A. Yes and no, depending on the interior fabric and the amount of pet hair will determine whether additional charges are applied. Please refer to our Other Services price list. You will be notified before additional work and charges apply.

Q. Can you repair deep scratches?
A. The quickest way to determine whether we can fix deep scratches is the fingernail test. If you can feel the scratch with your fingernail we probably aren't going to be able to buff it out. In other words, if the paint is gone, all we can do is make the scratch as unnoticeable as possible.

Q. Can you remove paint overspray?
A. An overspray can come from a variety of causes. Someone in you neighborhood has been spray painting the outdoor furniture or, perhaps new construction crews have been painting the new house next door. In most cases this can be fixed with our clay bar technique.

Q. Are there special discounts for multiple vehicles?
A. Discounts can be arranged on a case by case basis. For instance, we would be happy to discount multiple vehicles at the same location at the same time if each are at least average or better condition or, a group rate situation if our schedule allows it. A group rate such as an office location with multiple vehicles can be arranged.

Q. How much lead time to get an appointment?
A. In general we need a week or two to get you in our schedule. But call anyway as we may have had a cancellation.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?
A. Yes, we accept cash, check and all major credit cards.

Q. Are gift certificates available?
A. Yes. Gift Certificates are available on-line by clicking the "Gift Certificate" button in the menu or can be ordered by phone.

Q. What is not included in a typical detail price?
A. Excessive paint overspray, acid rain problems, major scratches/dents, road marking paint, engine detail - (additional charges apply for the following) accumulated trash removal from interior, excessive stain removal, severely neglected interiors and removal of excessive pet hair.

Q. I bought a smokers car. What can you do about that?
A. Smoke odor is one of the most challenging problems for a detailer. We have to clean the entire interior including the headliner and use our ozone generator to minimize or eliminate the odor. Sometimes, another treatment is required. We use the best odor eliminators on the market for all odors including smoke.

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All Major credit cards accepted

All major credit cards accepted